Collective artworkTree of Memory project

Learning to name our environment with just the right words: that, in essence, is the collective “Tree of Memory” project, L’ARBRE DE LA MÉMOIRE DE LA LANGUE FRANÇAISE. In 2012, visitors will be invited to create one or more ceramic plaques which will bear words that have been inspired by their stroll through the forest in the company of the day’s guest speaker (see list below), who will guide the public on a tour of the trails. The activity will unfold over four consecutive Saturdays, from July 21 to August 11, 2012. The plaques will then be installed along the trails, forming a collective work of poetry, “an arborescence of words,” that will take shape over summer. The collective project will continue beyond those dates, with our activity leaders, until the end of the season. Visitors can then draw on the words previously offered by each of our guests, the guided tour during the symposium and their own understanding of the land to find the words that inspire them.


Henri Dorion
Geographer, musician

July 21
Pierre Nepveu

July 28
Michel Allard

August 4
Manon Regimbald
Art historian

August 11