Symposium 2005-2006
Amérique Baroque / Barroca America

Our first symposium, Les territoires rapaillés (1995), heralded the development of a specific place. Our guest of honour at this opening event was the late Gaston Miron. For our 10th anniversary, we inaugurated an agora bearing his name, a place for performances and the spoken word in the heart of the Laurentian forest.

In 2005, we presented a symposium focusing on the Baroque / Barroca in the Americas, offering a wide range of multidisciplinary in situ artworks, lectures, concerts and performances. Visitors discovered 11 new site-specific installations, new trails and facilities conducive to friendly gatherings and afternoons spent surrounded by natural beauty.

Building this artistic dream is a gradual process, culminating in a place devoted to in situ art, multidisciplinarity and exchanges spanning the Americas.

René Derouin, artistic director